Q1 2015 Global Talent Market Quarterly

Q1 2015 Global Talent Market Quarterly

The Global Talent Market Quarterly provides a summary of the current economic and labour market conditions around the world and gives insight into how they might impact you.

Global Economic Outlook

Strength in the U.S. economy will drive regional growth in 2015. South American economies face steeper challenges, however, including stagnation in Brazil and recession in Venezuela and Argentina.

The recovery in the Eurozone is struggling to gain momentum, held back by weak investment and high debt levels. A confluence of economic and political issues have sent Russia into recession and threaten Eastern European growth; similarly, the Middle East and Africa face challenges from falling oil prices, regional conflicts, and other risks.

Long the global economic engine, the APAC outlook for 2015 shows sustained high growth, as lower oil prices are expected to boost consumer power, and fiscal improvements drive investment. Country-level forecasts vary, however, with growth slowing in China but accelerating in India.

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Q1 2015 Global Talent Market Quartely