Talent Without Borders

Talent Without Borders

The challenges of cross-border recruitment

We live in a talent-short market. Which means there simply aren’t enough highly-skilled candidates to fill the roles that businesses need to thrive. This can leave hiring managers frustrated as they look increasingly further afield to find top talent. But it’s not all doom, gloom, and empty positions. With diminishing numbers of local candidates, hiring managers are being challenged to think bigger. To look further. To explore an increasingly globalised talent marketplace. Yes, cross-border recruitment is challenging, but it also offers an exciting opportunity. One that more and more organisations are beginning to embrace. We explored the challenges of cross-border recruitment and some of the best ways to overcome them, below.

The Logistics Headache

Time differences. Language barriers. Exorbitant travel costs. Or even differences in dress-code - here's our blog  about dress-code etiquette across cultures. These are just some of the issues that hiring managers have to face when they seek to engage candidates from around the world. There is no avoiding it. Recruiting across borders eats up more time and resources than recruiting locally. But to simply dismiss it would be to miss out on a deep and dynamic pool of skilled potential candidates.

Organisations should take a smart and targeted approach to recruitment that reflects the cultural and practical differences of other geographies. Trying to shoehorn cross-border recruitment into your regular talent process won’t work. Instead, do your research and consider partnering with a service provider with local expertise. It’s also important to leverage technology in order to make communication as simple as possible. Video interviews are a huge bonus to any cross-border recruitment process. Use these to narrow your selection process before flying candidates in for face to face interviews. Most logistical cross-border challenges can be overcome with a little time and research.

Cultural Challenges

Social norms and cultural ideas about recruitment and work vary from country to country. Even in a closely connected geography like Europe, we see vast differences in culture and attitudes to work. Therefore, it’s vital you do your homework before beginning a candidate search. Research can be the difference between finding your perfect match and a frustrating missed opportunity. A local expert can help you to map the local market and conduct your talent search in a way that is sensitive to cultural norms. Kelly Project Resourcing offers a unique set of talent services. You simply choose the services you need, whenever and wherever you need them. Our international team has a wealth of expertise to share and can provide bespoke support for your cross-border recruitment challenges.

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Ok, so you have found the perfect candidate and they have agree to be part of your organisation. What now? Do you simply arrange the flights and hope things will work out for the best? Relocation for candidates and their families represents a huge emotional and cultural upheaval. One that is in your hands. And if you want to leverage the skills of your new hire over the long-term then you need to tread carefully when it comes to relocation. You need to work out the practicalities of the move, decide what will and won’t be included in the relocation package and communicate each step of the process to your newly minted hire. You also need to take into account the legal and practical implications of bringing an international candidate into your business. You should have every stage of the legal and practical relocation process carefully pinned down before you begin your talent search.

The truth is that cross-border recruitment is difficult but can ultimately be rewarding. It’s also a vital tool for any large organisation and a challenge you need to be ready to face. So, make sure your prepared to go international with your talent search.


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