Understanding engineers

Understanding engineers

However, skilled candidates are in short supply. Employers in search of engineers to support growth and innovation have to contend with an employees’ market in which organizations face intense competition to secure the best candidates.

The growing global competition for qualified engineers led Kelly Services, in collaboration with Fuld and Company, to investigate factors that might lead a top engineering candidate to choose one role over another.

In the course of our research, we carefully reviewed United States–based online discussion forums and groups, industry association releases, blogs, resumés and trade press articles to gauge engineers’ interests and character traits. We also conducted primary research with a select handful of subject matter experts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to gain high-level insight in to what engineers value and avoid in professional life.

We found that engineers are highly rational and value the ability to build a long-term career. They seek roles that allow them to apply core skills, solve problems and affect real-world outcomes. They favor employers that offer opportunities for advancement and tend to avoid roles that entail high levels of managerial and political interference or micromanagement.
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