The Personality of a Scientist

The Personality of a Scientist

Nowhere is the rush for talent more acutely felt than in the science community. Private and public organizations want the best talent working in their labs, to drive science and technology innovation and to enhance their reputation as a preferred research destination.

To attract and retain quality science talent requires an understanding of what makes scientists tick: what kind of environment do they thrive in? What opportunities do they look for? What do they want from management? The bottom line is that as competition grows and emerging markets become more attractive as research destinations, organizations need to ‘fine tune’ what they offer scientists.

With this goal in mind, Kelly Services conducted extensive research using data from discussion forums and groups, industry association releases, blogs, resumés and trade press articles to paint a psychographic portrait of scientists in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In this resulting paper, we present key advice for attracting, hiring and retaining scientists to ensure you stay ahead of the game, looking in particular at what motivates candidates to succeed. We also illustrate the difference between various science professionals – their key traits – and investigate the types of workplace barriers that may deter them from taking a job at your organization.
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