Application and on-boarding for engineering professionals

Application and on-boarding for engineering professionals

On-boarding is becoming one of the most common challenges cited by engineering job seekers.

As a result of ongoing pressure to attract in-demand engineering talent, the processes for hiring and assimilating engineering talent are drawing increased attention.

Recent headlines confirm that candidates are asking for better communication from employers regarding their status in the application process. Many employers, it seems, will often post job opportunities and encourage candidates to apply—only to have a communication “blackout” after the application has been submitted. In addition, many companies are without a structured on-boarding process for new employees.

In today’s competitive environment where engineering candidates have a number of career options, any outdated process will quickly become a sizable disadvantage. In fact, after hiring in, communication gaps can impact the performance of a new employee, and influence how long they stay. But there are some vital steps you can take to improve your strategy and get your engineering professionals off to a strong start.
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