Multi-Lingual Contact Centre for Global Gaming Company

Multi-Lingual Contact Centre for Global Gaming Company 

A global gaming company that creates and publishes original interactive entertainment content required a recruitment partner to support their online division in bringing a new multiplayer game to market. They appointed Kelly Services to staff their new state-of-the-art contact centres in the USA and Ireland.

The Client

Founded in 1986, with offices now across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, this video game publisher has assembled a strong creative team, including worldclass game developers, graphic artists, designers, sound engineers, producers and programmers to create and sell premium video game titles to a worldwide market. They have a long history of success as a publisher of award-winning video games and boast some of the most acclaimed development studios in the world.

The Challenge

The timescales for recruiting and onboarding the contact centre teams were very fluid associated with the launch of a brand new product, with a series of pre-launch testing
phases required before hiring could commence at very short notice.
Kelly needed to develop and implement a pan-European marketing strategy for a fully integrated, multi-lingual candidate attraction campaign. With Galway as home to their recently established EMEA HQ, the contact centre required multi-lingual customer support of English, French and German language speakers. To secure full headcount of the temporary workforce the campaign required the provision of relocation support
and onboarding of all candidates relocating from Europe. Key areas such as transport to Ireland and onwards to Galway, finding accommodation, setting up bank accounts, navigating the tax system, registering for social welfare and questions on health care all needed to be addressed.

The Solution

Due to the extensive product testing required, there were inevitable delays to the launch so implementation took more or less a full calendar year and the project demanded that Kelly respond to a number of unknowns.

Kelly rose to the challenge of sourcing Customer Service “Game Support” Agents, Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Trainers, IT Specialists and Business Support staff, placing as many candidates with gaming experience as possible for all job categories.

A fully integrated marketing campaign was created to generate optimum interest in the marketplace for the multi-lingual recruitment drive, where the focus was on sourcing a large number of French and German speakers for the wide range of contract roles in Galway. Kelly UK & Ireland worked closely with our French and German colleagues to utilise in-country advertising channels, run assessment centres and a three day recruitment event. At the same time there was a huge PR push which achieved coverage in over 30 Irish publications. Our marketing teams in UK &Ireland, EMEA and the US also collaborated to develop a campaign that included bespoke “gaming” branding, ensuring a synergy between the Irish and USA recruitment messages. In addition, an innovative
“Job Doodle” was produced for the European market, specifically targeting French and German speaking candidates and promoted via a real time bidding campaign with advertising banners on social media such as Facebook.

Other supporting activity included displaying posters in internet cafes and universities, and a candidate referral scheme to encourage the French and German speakers we had already recruited to help us find other suitable candidates.

For interviewing and assessment, Kelly appointed a specialist international recruiter for the duration of the campaign. Telephone screening and video interviews ensured a consistent process across all touchpoints with candidates and, where appropriate, evaluations were invigilated through video conference. We also utilised a third party partner to assess language competency in verbal communication, reading and writing
comprehension and translation.

With the very high level of relocation and onboarding information required for the candidates recruited outside of Ireland, Kelly developed a number of detailed guides.
We also devised and conducted a number of group orientation presentations and held 1-2-1 meetings to ensure each individual’s needs were met.


Once the initial set-up activity was in place, the recruitment campaign ran between January and March 2014, with Kelly screening around 800 candidates, conducting 600 interviews and also hosting a specific recruitment event held over three days in Germany. In addition there was also a rapid ramp-up component (mainly focused on sourcing individuals fluent in English) that ran for a period of just four weeks.

From six countries outside of Ireland, we successfully sourced and recruited 450 candidates into roles across six different job functions. These were fixed-term contracts that have lasted between five and nine months.

The programme demonstrates the true capability of a professional, joined up and innovative approach. No divisional, departmental or cross country barriers impact our delivery of customer’s needs and we work seamlessly with colleagues across our international network to successfully source the required skill sets. The success of this recruitment campaign has ensured Kelly has a robust database of skills and a talent pipeline suitable for future projects across all the divisions of this global games development company.


Industry: Online Gaming
Scale: Sourced 450 candidates into 6 job functions from 6 countries outside of Ireland
Timescale: 3 months + rapid ramp-up over 4 weeks
Skills: Customer Service “Game Support” Agents, Supervisors, Assistant Managers, Trainers, IT Specialists and Business Support staff
Service: Pan-European recruitment campaign to source specific candidate skill sets
Basis: Fixed term contracts between 5-9 months.



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