View from ProcureCon Pharma 2018 – Day Three

View from ProcureCon Pharma 2018 – Day Three

Patrick Brun is Director of Life Sciences and Solutions at Kelly Services in Switzerland. He reports back on his experience of ProcureCon Pharma, day three, including the key takeaways from group discussions and the difference a year makes in the world of digitisation.

‘Day three of ProcureCon Pharma had a different feel from the rest of the conference, with a focus on smaller group discussions that allowed us to really dig into the biggest talking points at this year’s event. It’s been a great opportunity to connect with clients, and suppliers across the industry and gain insight into the issues that are impacting their organisations today.

I’ve also been thrilled with the positive feedback people have shared on their experiences with Kelly Services. It’s always a pleasure to see the hard work our teams put in translating into great results for our clients. I really appreciate people taking their time to share their experiences! Today, I want to reflect back on the two key ideas I took away from day three of ProcureCon Pharma.


Technology, digitisation, and robotics were subjects that came up again and again. It’s not surprising when we consider that these are the issues that will shape the future of the industry. There is, however, a shift in the type of discussions we are now having around digitisation compared to those that were taking place even a year ago. It seems for many organisations digitisation is already here in a big way, with many making large technological leaps forward within a short space of time. The question is no longer “How will digitisation impact our business?” instead it’s “How can we harness this important tool?”


Another key theme was collaboration. In fact, this was the idea that closed out the conference, with the call to “bring the outside in”. Collaborating closely with suppliers and building relationships rather than operating on a transactional level can provide huge benefits for both sides. Organisations who build trusted relationships with their suppliers and look for value above bottom line pricing will achieve more. Close relationships lead to aligned goals that support more productive partnerships. The world of talent is changing rapidly and standing together is the best way to overcome the challenges this brings.   

It’s been a pleasure to attend this year’s ProcureCon Pharma and have the opportunity to connect with so many thought leaders and professionals across the pharma industry. The experience has left me enthusiastic about our industry’s future and inspired to implement some of the insights I have gained. I hope you enjoyed this year’s conference as much as I did, and I look forward to seeing you again in 2019!’