RecFest 2018 – A Good Candidate Is Hard To Find

RecFest 2018 – A Good Candidate Is Hard To Find

At RecFest 2018, Kelly’s VP EMEA Project Resourcing and MD UK & Ireland, Richard Bradley, is set to lead a panel that answers the big questions about finding the right candidates.

A good candidate is hard to find. Never has this sentiment been more appropriate. For many industries around the globe, it’s tough right now, and finding great candidates is challenging. But, that doesn’t mean the right people aren’t out there. What it does mean, is that organisations have to get smarter about how they focus their search. Using the science of talent to reach out to candidates who may not be looking but who are always available for the right opportunity. Organisations can’t afford to sit passively and wait for the best candidates to come to them. Instead, they must create a creative and robust approach to recruitment, leveraging both internal and external expertise.

On July 5 2018, RecFest 2018 will be the place where the talent community gets together and looks to the future. Leaders and talent experts will share their insights on how the talent world may look in the next months and years. We can’t wait to connect with recruitment colleagues from around the world and enjoy some spirited discussion and debate. This is certainly what we anticipate from the upcoming, ‘No-One is Looking but Everyone is Available’ panel, moderated by Kelly's own Richard Bradley.

The Panel 

‘No-One is Looking but Everyone is Available’ will focus on the challenging times we live in along with the evolution of the talent search. The panel will also discuss the ways candidates now engage with organisations, and how businesses can leverage this engagement to their advantage. Joining Richard on stage will be a talented panel of industry experts, including: Martyn Wright, EY; Deborah Harding, Pivotal, Greg Allen, Lloyds Register; and Peter England, Convatec. It’s a conversation you want to be a part of, so make sure you join them on the Unplugged Stage at 2pm at RecFest.

The Big Questions

So, what are the big questions that we all need to answer to meet this modern hiring challenge? We think there are some key areas that make up the discussion on finding the right talent for your business.

Can you reduce your hiring?
It’s a simple question but an important one in a skills shortage. Reducing your hiring, focusing on upskilling your own people and retaining talent can be a vital way to keep your organisation evolving even when great candidates are few and far between.

Do you understand where your gaps are?
Strategic workforce planning has never been more important. Knowing where your gaps are and understanding the key points where future gaps are likely to arise can put you ahead of the competition.

Can you widen your talent pool?
If your talent pool is lacking then you need to get better at forward planning, creating a diverse and accessible pipeline of talented candidates. Building lasting and meaningful relationships with talented individuals across the industry can help to create a network of available talent.

Are you trying to hire one person to do three jobs?
When you struggle to find talent that is the right fit, it’s all too easy to try and shoehorn a good candidate into the wrong role, simply because they are available. Organisations need to ensure that even in a skills-short market they are getting the basics right. Matching the right person to the right role.

Are you showcasing the value of your organisation?
Building a strong and consistent employer brand and culture alongside a candidate focused application process can help you come out on top when it comes to in-demand candidates.

Joined-Up Thinking

Ultimately, this is an issue that no one person or organisation can fix. The pain and challenges of a skills-short market are problems that must be solved as a collective. And that’s what makes conversations like this so important. Joined-up thinking and the sharing of ideas are vital in creating a thriving talent community. One that can face any roadblock that life throws at it. Come share your views and ask your burning questions at this year’s RecFest. We can’t wait to see you there. In the meantime, you can find out more about Kelly Services and Project Resourcing by clicking here.