No One's Looking but Everyone's Available

No One's Looking but Everyone's Available

The talent landscape has transformed in the last decade. Gone are the days when you could post a listing on a jobs board and wait for the top candidates to beat down your door. The rules of the talent game have fundamentally changed. Now, rather than waiting for the best talent to show up in your inbox, you need to reach out and actively connect with the people who could make an impact on your organisation. In other words, we all need to get proactive when it comes to talent.

We live in a skills-short market and dwindling responses to traditional jobs listings have left some employers feeling the pinch. But the truth is that the best candidates haven’t disappeared. They are still there, waiting for the right opportunity to come to them. No one’s looking but everyone’s available.

Research supports this evolving talent trend. The 2016 Jobvite Job Seeker Study found that 74% of workers were open to a new role despite being satisfied in their current one. And according to a 2016 Global LinkedIn Survey the sources of quality hires are shifting, with Social Professional Networks leading the way at 43%. Internet jobs boards made up 42%, with the remaining 32% coming from employee referrals. With less than half of all quality candidates now coming from traditional jobs boards and a rising number of passive candidates, it seems it’s time to change our approach to recruitment.

 The Talent Challenge

 What do these trends really mean for employers?

 A significant change is that filling a role involves a great deal more resource than it has in the past. Talent acquisition teams must go beyond posting a role online, instead actively engaging in a talent search which sees them searching for and connecting with passive candidates. This new and more active approach must put candidate experience first, building a relationship under the banner of a cohesive employer brand. This isn’t simply adding a few more emails and calls to the to-do list. This is a complete shift in process which can be incredibly time-consuming. And time is something that many talent acquisition teams are struggling to find. So, how can employers react to a changing talent market while balancing time and resources? 

 Create a Dedicated Sourcing Team

 For some organisations, it could be worthwhile to create a dedicated talent sourcing team. This promotes better candidate experiences, allows for the development and training of expert talent scouts and can pay real dividends. A dedicated sourcing team can help organisations to expand their talent search and connect with higher quality candidates. This is, however, an expensive option and one that won’t be the right fit for every business.

 Utilise an External RPO

By outsourcing the whole recruitment process to an external provider, you can tap into the skills of recruitment experts outside of your business, these experts should have the skills to successfully utilise the passive candidate pool. This approach could help to reduce recruitment costs and allow internal teams to focus on other aspects of the talent process, like onboarding. Getting the most out of an RPO means finding a provider who shares your values and is a good fit for your organisation. For some employers, though, this option provides them with too little control and can create a disconnect between employer brand and candidate.

Outsource Just What You Need

Sometimes it pays to take a plug and play approach to recruitment. By outsourcing key aspects of the talent process, you can create a bespoke talent strategy that provides the right balance of control and support. This might mean tapping into external recruitment experts to better identify top talent or accessing support with screening and assessment to free up your talent acquisition team to focus on candidate engagement.

The way we connect with talent is changing. The way people think about their next role is evolving. Is your organisation ready to face the challenge?

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