How Kelly Services can help you find the best life sciences talent

How Kelly Services can help you find the best life sciences talent

The UK life sciences market has gone from strength to strength in recent years, contributing £30.4bn to the economy in 2015 alone. With almost half a million UK jobs supported by the life sciences industry, according to PwC, it's no surprise that competition in the recruitment market is fierce. At Kelly Services, it's our job to help you identify and attract those talented life sciences professionals in order to remain competitive on the market. So how can we help you?

As one of the largest life sciences providers across EMEA, we know what clients are looking for – and what our candidates want from a new role. Our industry experience and thorough client and candidate communication process ensures we are uniquely positioned to provide the best support for you and your teams when you need life sciences resource. We know the market presents challenges, but there are also opportunities for growth and development. Here's what you need to know about recruiting the best life sciences talent on the market.


Firstly, let's address the elephant in the room: Brexit. The full impact of Britain leaving the European Union remains to be seen for many industries, but we know that there will be changes ahead for life sciences. Regulations that cover UK clinical trials, quality assurance processes and R&D may all be impacted in some way by Brexit, however for now, it is very much business as usual for the majority of our clients.

Organisations with head offices in other countries may feel compelled to pull out of the UK due to regulation changes, which will have negative and positive economic effects alike. On the one hand, UK companies will need to grow to accommodate changes in the wake of Brexit, which is a good thing for the life sciences industry. However, the lack of international candidates under the new regulations may be an issue for some – and as we are in candidate-driven market currently, organisations may find themselves fighting for the best talent.

We combat this by knowing our client and identifying what will make them appealing to our candidates. For candidates to be truly passionate about a potential role, they need more than just a job description – they want to know about the environment and culture, potential progression, technology, R&D and any exciting pipelines the organisation has coming up. By getting the big picture of not only a role, but a company and an environment, we are better equipped to put your company at the front of a candidate's wish list – and get you the best talent in turn.


The science industry is always growing, and the UK is particularly thriving when it comes to opportunities for development. Every region across the UK contains a head office of a life sciences firm, and investment in the industry is constant – including £17 million of new life sciences funding announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to fund drug discovery and mental health treatment. This shows how companies receive funding in many different forms, with government support ongoing.

With such significant growth and investment being poured into the market every day, it's no surprise that opportunities for clients and candidates are ever-present. The rapidly developing industry means that our life sciences resourcing team needs to stay up-to-date with funding, technology, projects and industry news that all shape the way the market moves. After all, the more we know, the better service we can provide to those we work with.


As a leading life science service provider globally, we know how to source the right candidates for your business. We can be reactive to your needs, with a database of qualified, vetted candidates who can hit the ground running. Our clients range in size and scope, and many work with us on an ongoing basis – in fact, some no longer screen our CVs and now send Kelly candidates straight to the interview stage.

We're proud of the relationships we develop with our clients and candidates and are fully confident in our abilities to match the right skills with the right jobs. Our dedicated Manchester office is the hub of our science resourcing solutions, and can help you meet your recruitment needs. Contact the team here to discuss scientific resourcing solutions.

"Kelly Scientific Resourcing provides an excellent, flexible service to suit the operational needs of the team. Our requests for staff (Laboratory Technicians and Clinical Support Specialists) are often made at short notice and require a quick and efficient response to provide the right candidates in the required timeframe. Once each assignment has begun, Kelly continue to work closely with the temporary workers and are present on site on a monthly basis; providing valuable face to face time to answer any questions and queries which arise. In addition, consultants arrange regular client reviews to ensure our solution is working as we require and to keep track of the future needs of our business."

- Andrew Frans, Head of Talent Acqusition, hVIVO

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