A breakfast seminar with bite

A breakfast seminar with bite

Discussing the talent issues of today at the Project Resourcing breakfast seminar

Our recent Project Resourcing breakfast seminar took place at the iconic Rosewood in London. This beautiful, historic setting saw colleagues from across the industry come together to discuss some of the most important issues affecting the talent world right now. With input and insight from leaders in HR, procurement and beyond, we heard meaningful stories from across the talent industry.

The theme of the event was around ‘How are organisations responding to rapidly changing hiring challenges?’. This question became a springboard, leading to some persuasive and insightful input. We have brought together some of the most significant ideas to come out of our recent Project Resourcing breakfast seminar, below.

The CV is now a piece of parchment

The CV has been on its sick bed for some time now. But could the end be in sight for this once essential component of the recruitment process? As one of our attendees put it “the CV is now as relevant as a piece of parchment”. But if the CV is dead, what will take its place? Social media platforms have already taken over the role of the CV in many ways, with platforms providing a shop window for candidates to show off their skills and an opportunity for employers to get a more rounded view of potential talent. The question is, can social media provide the depth of information about experience and achievements that an employer requires? This is still up for debate, but for some, the future lies in an evolution of the CV. A digital passport that follows an individual through their working life, confirming experiences and achievements. 

PR for HR

The HR department is sometimes a bit of an outlier in the talent community. An entity that oversees a very specific set of processes and sometimes struggle to connect meaningfully with talent acquisition and procurement functions. But in a world where many organisations aspire to total talent management, this siloed approach simply can’t continue. HR is increasingly becoming involved with talent processes at every level of the business. A collaborative approach aligned with broader business goals is the future.

Getting comfortable with diversity

While most organisations aspire to diverse and representative workforces, the truth is that many sectors are not as diverse as they should be. (We’re looking at you here STEM.) And that’s a problem. A problem that is uncomfortable to recognise and often tough to tackle. That’s because approaching change in any form is uncomfortable. But we all need to be brave enough to stand up and take that painful step. Because the results of failing to embrace diversity are harmful not only ethically but also on a business level. Supporting a diverse workforce promotes creative and critical thinking. True diversity causes us to challenge accepted thinking and evolve to be better. So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable about diversity. It really matters. 

We plan to hold more discussion events throughout this year and hope you can join us next time to get involved in some vibrant discussion and debate. Until then, if you want to learn a little more about Project Resourcing and our unique plug and play approach to talent, get in touch.