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Stars in the night sky?

Think again...

Our INtelligence and INhouse+ products allow us to see things from a different angle. We throw out the rule book and look beyond jobs boards, CV databases and traditional search methods, to ask, 'what if?'. What if a candidate wants to do things differently?

That image you saw...that was the frost on top of a car. Everything look different when you take a closer look.


With Kelly there's no need to play guessing games; we provide all the information and insight you need to connect with the right talent for your organisation.

In one of our campaigns, we reached out to 111 passive candidates across Europe. From this group of passive job seekers, we filled 1 position. Whilst others may have looked elsewhere or found an easier way, we found the hidden gem in the jobs market.

We do the work that other traditional recruitment agencies simply don’t or won't. Use INhouse+ to give your team the extra capacity to source the right talent, wherever it may be. To find out more about Project Resourcing, click here, or drop us a line with your details below.

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