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Umbrella Company PSL

Using an Umbrella company for PAYE Services

Using an Umbrella company for PAYE Services, is a choice many of our workers and PSC contractors will need or want to take.  Earlier this year we undertook a detailed and robust process to review and enhance our current PSL to ensure we can offer a broad selection of companies for you to use should the need arise.  In choosing companies to be on our PSL we looked at the following key areas to ensure financial robustness, stability, compliance and service offering for the end user.

  • Member of the regulated body FSCA

  • Market/Industry Leader

  • Appropriate Insurance Levels

  • Financial Robustness

  • Flexible Pay Solutions (Weekly, monthly

  • Additional Worker Benefits

  • Set weekly ¬£margin for PAYE Services

  • Dedicated Account Support  

The following companies are now all contractually part of our PSL.  Should you need to use their services now or in the future, please give them a call directly.

  1. ‚ÄčContractor Umbrella
    Charlie Brooks
    T: 01206 761326

  2. Danbro
    Lori Neil
    T: 01253 600 140

  3. Brookson
    Lucy McDermott
    T: 01925 382775

  4. Umbrella
    Liam Bradshaw
    T: 01625 544672

  5. Liberty Bishop
    Gemma Scholes
    T: 01582 461444

  6. JSA
    Maria Constantinou
    T: 01923 257257

Should you require any further information or guidance please speak to your Kelly consultant in the first instance or email directly.