Passive Talent Attraction

Passive Talent Attraction

We identify passive talent and turn
them into active candidates.

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Passive and active talent.

Don't just focus on active
talent, like everyone else.

Our purpose is to identify passive talent and, through targeted engagement, turn them into active candidates. However, we know your internal teams are up against the clock.

Our flexible plug-in model gives you the scalability to move beyond active job seekers and find the hidden gems hiding in the passive market.

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The talent is out there and we want to help you find them.

The talent is out there and
we want to help you find them.

​Looking for talent on the usual job boards will only lead to more of the same candidates. But where do you find more passive talent? Simple, you take out the guesswork.

We go out and ID your talent. We find out what the requirements are for your roles. Understand what transferable skills are needed. Create lists of all the relevant job titles. Find which companies to target.

Then we'll take your message to your candidates. Talking to them virtually, everywhere.

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REC accreditation
Ecovadis accreditation
APSCo accreditation
Menopause Friendly Employer accreditation
Youth Employment UK accreditation


Beyond customer needs

Don't just take our word for it.
Here's one of our case studies.

One of our international customers were opening a new lab in Europe and had limited local HR capacity. Highly skilled hires were needed to start within a 4-week window.

To support them we acted as an extension of their HR team and provided passive candidate engagement. We looked into what their requirements were and then formulated a plan to reach out to candidates through social media...

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30% savings compared to standard approaches.
60+ countries we've made our stamp on.
250+ profiles identified for each role.
Every 20 minutes, we hire a permanent employee.


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Passive to active. Now that's what we're talking about.