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What level of Team Member or Employee is this designed for?

As this is at its core, a Coaching process, the system is questions driven rather than answers driven.  This means that it is the user who determines the level of the question, and so it remains relevant for all levels of Team Member or Employee.

Does this sit on our Server?

No, this sits on CoachPro’s dedicated server in order that we can provide the level of security and access required for this system.  This also allows Clients to retain capacity on their own servers for the increased requirement for business essential access during these times. 

How much does this cost normally?

This is a low-cost model with a monthly subscription of £18.  The offer is that it’s free and unlimited until 30th June 2020.

How many people can I have on the System?

You are not limited by the number of Team Members or Employees that you put on the System.  Tell us how many you are likely to need, and we will set that up.  If the number needs to change, just let us know. 

Can I control what Team Members or Employees work on?

Yes, you can.  You can edit their account to permit or block access to any of the 8 development areas.  You can also, through the Account Manager, set specific Team or Individual Goals, initiatives or points of focus.

Is this only for people who can Coach, or have been Coached?

No, the system has been designed upon the fundamentals of Coaching, with a system that supports those who have never before been exposed to Coaching, and those who are widely experienced in it.  There are a large number of professional Coaches who use CoachPro but there are many more who are having their first engagement with Coaching here too.

Do you need to be technical skills to operate the System?

If you have access to a computer, laptop or mobile phone, the system has been designed to operate as clearly and simply as possible. It’s a bit like Netflix for Coaching.

Do people need to be on a computer or laptop?

Computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, the System operates across all platforms and maintains a consistent level of user experience.

What value am I likely to get from this?

Your Teams or Employees with benefit from using the structures and processes that drive high performance.  The Coaching Sessions, Models, Assessments & Programmes will develop a strength and discipline in the mind-set, focus, ambition, wellbeing and achievement for your Teams or Employees.

How much time will people spend on this?

There is no real need to spend a great deal of time on CoachPro to get a great deal from it as it is designed to inspire action, not just more learning.There are those who enjoy longer bouts of time, while others have shorter sessions.  It is really down to what works best for each person.

What if someone doesn’t have a goal?

Then they probably need one!  You can either give them one to work on, or a topic that they can set one for, or they can do an Assessment, and from there they will get recommended links to content and get going from there.

What if I don’t know where to start?

You are provided with QuickStart User Guides, and you can always contact CoachPro for some guidance or ideas.

Does everyone follow the same process?

Each Team Member or Employee will have their own journey and footprint on CoachPro as the System will offer guidance and recommendations based upon the Individual’s results and feedback.

What happens at the end of my Subscription?

You will get a message notifying you that your current Subscription is coming to an end at which point you can amend and renew your Subscription or allow it to expire.

Is my data secure?

We comply with all current GDPR requirements.

What server security do you have in place?

We have a secure and dedicated server to ensure that we offer all the highest possible level of security.

How Do I Set Up A Company Account?

Simply fill out the form below and we can get your company set up as soon as possible.