Zoe joined the Kelly family in March 2020 and is looking forward to being involved in her role as a Talent Care Consultant. Zoe. lives in Cheltenham with her partner, Glenn, and their identical twin daughters Jasmine & Bailey who are 9. Zoe trained as a classical dancer and taught ballet for several years before going into sales and working as a fine art consultant/area sales manager, selling art to galleries and within retail galleries for about 13 years. She started a housekeeping business two and a half years ago, supplying cleaners and housekeepers to time-poor professionals and families, which to her has been a big challenge. Zoe is passionate about working with people and has learned a lot while doing so.

What's the highlight of your life?

Dancing in a circus in Switzerland for the millennium, working on tour in the wardrobe department for the world’s biggest girl band, and travelling around Europe for 6 months in a camper van with my 3 year-old daughters before they started school.