I’m the Business Development Lead for fast growing companies that are undergoing rapid growth and transformation and need a recruitment partner to support them on that journey.

Hi Tom, tell us more!

What does your role entail?

I work with businesses small or big helping them seize opportunities for growth no matter what industry. I understand that the ability to adapt to market changes and scale-up workforces can allow companies to gain a competitive edge over others

What is the biggest challenge the fast growing industry faces in the search for talent?

Getting the right candidates and identifying top talent from within a saturated market place to ensure that they are able to find the right calibre of candidate. Balancing the demand for skill with the high speed of recruitment a new business win can suddenly require and then scaling that to the skill set all while taking candidate availability into account.

How do you and Kelly resolve that issue?

By utilising our well established process and applying our several different teams to map out the whole market in order to source the best talent available. Be that from the active or passive talent market we go above and beyond the typical agency route.

What are your feelings about the fast growth market?

There’s a demand for companies to be more eco friendly and CSR aware as there is a need to adapt to technologies and practices. The Covid 19 pandemic created an unprecedented demand to rethink the way of work and best working practices. I support those who have taken this challenge head on and are prospering in the business world of the future.

I’ve seen that it is possible to streamline your business and increase growth opportunities by re-imagining the workforce. As a company changes, the more flexible they become when the time comes to scale up at pace – this usually means moving away from the typical HR model that can cause time delays and red tape. This is where we can step in.

What is your personal highlight of being a supplier to the fast growing space?

The opportunity to support companies that are about to explode, that are at a point in their lifecycle where big growth is imminent, it’s an exciting position to be in. It grants me the opportunity to be part of their journey from an early point in time.

Why should a client choose to work with you?

We offer a unique approach developed for fast growing companies where we can map out the market and utilize untraditional recruitment methods to find the talent you need. We work as a true recruitment partner, becoming one of your team to understand what your business really needs.

I have direct experience working with companies in a high growth space to provide the support and talent they need.


Tell us about yourself.

I’m a huge football fan, unfortunately support Charlton athletic, I enjoy travelling and spent a year in Oz prior to starting at Kelly. In general I am very into my sport and can often be found pounding the pavements or playing kick about with my local 5 aside team. I also enjoy golf but can’t claim to be very good at it!