Richard Bradley, MD of Kelly UK & IE and VP of Project RPO, has one goal and it's simple – to help his clients to win an unfair share of talent. Finding good talent is hard, engaging them is harder and he is passionate about sourcing and building teams that share this passion. Richard has challenged recruitment businesses to evolve or die. He has tasked in-house recruiters with demanding value from the agencies they work with. For over a decade, Richard has lived this ethos and helped companies improve their talent acquisition and engagement strategies. The impact? Better people, greater brand recognition, and more engaged recruits with a lower cost per hire.

As a father of triplets, Richard knows first-hand the challenges of juggling work and home life. Richard has created a culture across the business that reflects the need for balance and the results speak for themselves. As a father of three boys Richard is future focused and is passionate about ensuring that young people have the opportunity they deserve to access the job market and have the chance to succeed.

What's your biggest learning experience?
"Collaboration is the way forward. You don’t have to do everything on your own, working with others to achieve a common goal is the way forward."

Why did you join Kelly?
"Having set the standards for the recruitment Industry for many years Kelly is committed to leading the industry in what is certainly the most turbulent times many of us have ever seen. Kelly wants to lead, it wants to evolve and its putting its money where its mouth is to make change happen…exciting times."