I am the UK and Ireland Head of Sales for EV (Electric Vehicle), Powertrain and Engineering. I work with businesses that are either developing, prototyping, or designing any type of electric vehicle, ranging from a push bike all the way to large commercial vehicles.

Hi Clive! Tell us a bit more about yourself.

How many years' experience do you have?

I’ve been working in the world of recruitment for over 20 years now. For the last decade I have been working in support of the engineering industry and more recently have shifted my focus towards the electric vehicle market as it has emerged. 

Why the Electric Vehicle market?

I spent over a decade recruiting for engineers who have been responsible for building some of the world’s most beautiful cars. As the industry has evolved in the search of technology for a more sustainable future, we adapted our approach to supply the talent required in electric vehicle manufacturing.

With combatting climate change being a top priority for the UK and EU and the ban on combustion vehicles from 2030 rapidly approaching; EV research, development and manufacturing has become a higher priority than ever before. 

Our goal is to support others in recruiting for a better world. We need a more sustainable future. This means real change for not only passenger vehicles but large commercial vehicles and even power generators too. EV is an industry that is making some noise, it’s a transportation revolution, globally.

What is your personal highlight of being a supplier to the EV space?

As a petrol head from an early age, I’ve always loved anything with an engine. My childhood weekends were often spent tinkering away in the garage with my father who owned classic cars, an experience that sparked my passion for all things automotive and the evolution of vehicle technology.

As I have grown older and the damage that emissions cause to our environment have become more apparent, I have followed the development of alternative solutions to powering vehicles with great interest. Now I am honoured to play my part in supplying the electric vehicle sector as it is absolutely key in creating a better world for the generations ahead.

What is the biggest challenge the EV industry faces in the search for talent?

Skill shortages. As an emerging industry, the EV industry is not one that has expansive talent pools with years of experience in the market. Instead, the EV market relies on skill adaptability from similar industries to find the talent it requires to grow.

How do you and Kelly resolve that issue?

With our 75 years as founders of the recruitment industry we have evolved our approach to identify, interact, and engage with some of the best talent globally. Our experience has helped us understand how to find niche talent, ever adapting our processes to address skill shortages within markets in their infancy. 

We offer recruitment solutions that are tailored to your needs, meaning you always have the talent you need to keep your business running at full charge.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a father of two with a passion for mountain biking, when possible you’ll find me biking in the great outdoors, the muddier the better. I’m really team focused and engaged in helping those around me in any way that I can, always here to make a joke or think up a wisecrack for any situation. I also enjoy football and motorsport and will watch as much as I can get away with!