​I am the Business Development Lead for Renewables in the UK. I’m responsible for approaching new business within the Renewable Energy space, to see how Kelly can support with their recruitment and hiring plans.

Hi Annwen! Tell us more...

Why the Renewables market?

Having grown up in rural areas I’ve been surrounded by beautiful landscapes. I’ve always wanted to preserve that for future generations, so they can also enjoy it. My experience has built in me a respect for the environment and a passion for sustainability.

I completed my masters thesis in Eco Theory and so when an opportunity arose for a career within the Renewables space it seemed like the perfect fit. I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else!

What is your personal highlight of being a supplier to the Renewables space?

There are companies out there that are doing some great work. For me the highlight is when I get the opportunity to speak to companies that aren’t traditional renewable energy companies. Talking to innovative companies that are showing that there are so many creative ways to protect the environment.

It’s great to see some of the newer technology and it’s impacts, like recent bioplastic innovations around agriculture. I’m constantly learning new things from the clients I speak to.

What is the biggest challenge the Renewable industry faces in the search for talent?

Within the Renewables space it’s kind of a double-edged sword. Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda, especially with the 2050 net zero goals and so the demand for talent is higher than it’s ever been.

As a recruiter and environmentalist that’s a great problem to have, but it’s also such a competitive market where there is a skills shortage. The market relies on skill adaptability from similar infrastructure projects to find the talent it requires to grow.

How do you and Kelly resolve that issue?

This is the conversation I have the most with clients. Kelly presents companies with the hard facts. Before we can try and fill your roles we need to know how many people are doing similar roles within your desired location. From there we go out and find the candidates by reaching out to them in engaging ways.

A lot of the roles within the Renewables space are technical roles, and so most companies are probably already advertising on LinkedIn. To find more talent we reach out to the passive market and also make our clients aware that there are fresher faces out there that have the capability for these technical roles.

Tell us about yourself.

I love reading and one of my favourite things to read is theory. I’m always trying to learn new things, and this allows me to keep updated on environmental theory, sociology, patterns of behavior, and so much more. I also have an artsy side and often go for a walk with paintbrush in hand so I can send my paintings as postcards to my family.