​Stephanie is a senior and experienced recruiting professional with 7 years under her belt in 180, 360 and RPO models of recruitment. A true expert in sourcing only the best talent, through multiple disciplines and range of sectors, she can lend her hand to any role in any given industry. Stephanie has a proven track record of delivery across many almost impossible to fill opportunities, all while leading a team to follow in her footsteps.

Having grown up working for her parents’ businesses since the age of 13, Stephanie has a hard work ethic and has always enjoyed the human interaction from service, people-centred roles, and has wanted to contribute to the bigger picture in ‘helping people’ in some shape or form. When Stephanie first applied in the industry she got laughed out the room as that being a key motivator for her; and she knew there & then that finding a business with integrity, that put people first was critical to her success… and Kelly does just that.

Stephanie thoroughly enjoys working for Life Science clients for that sole reason; moving roles for many is a major life event and she is passionate about placing the right people in the right businesses where they too can thrive and enjoy what they do day in, day out. Where they can help change people’s lives and make a difference to the future of us all.