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Covid 19 - Advice

​COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Kelly And YouCountries around the world are reporting outbreaks of COVID...

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What Accounting Automation Means For You And Your Career?

​Is AI leading us to a new frontier or is it the final instrument of work force depletion?However...

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Love Your Job Again

​What does your typical day at work look like? The early 8am or 9am starts, the routinely respons...

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New Year New Job

How To Find A Job In 2020.

New Job, New Love, New You!Having a job to love is one of the things that almost everyone desires...

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Time For A New Job?

We all get caught up in the busy schedules of our everyday lives, and we often don’t realise when...

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Happy Career Final

How To Get Career Happy

We all approach the world of work differently. For some, a job is just another element of life, f...

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Switch Off From Work

How To Switch Off From Work

The average Briton works 40 hours a week. Sadly, in today’s world of work overload and non-stop n...

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3 Ways To Get Your Boss To Say Yes To A Payrise

Climbing the career ladder isn't an easy task. Getting the salary you deserve, for the work you d...

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