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Life & Life Sciences Episode 4: Caroline Barelle - Elasmogen

One mission - Get to clinic and help patients: Elasmogen

Stephen Gannon chats to CEO and founder of Elasmogen, Caroline Barelle to discuss next-generation biologics. Elasmogen has been rapidly developing next-generation products for the treatment of inflammatory, autoimmune diseases and oncology.

Caroline explains how they have developed their own variant of antibodies, named soloMERs. Differentiated from traditional antibodies, soloMERs are smaller, simpler, and easier to create. They are pre-disposed to bind novel epitopes and designed to effectively seek out protein targets. SoloMERs can deliver the same potency as traditional antibodies but from a protein that is a fraction of the size!

Elasmogen have developed close partnerships with external Life Science firms to aid in the further advancement of their technologies. They have recently partnered with Almac, an established contract development and manufacturing organization that provide an extensive range of integrated services across the drug development lifecycle from R&D to clinical trial supply. This partnership has allowed Elasmogen to connect their binding technology with Almac’s chemistry knowledge to successfully target cancer. Effectively, taking chemotherapy, wrapping it in a molecular ball and adding a soloMERs layer around this to destroy cancerous cells within the body.

Caroline hopes to secure increased future funding for Elasmogen to ensure that developments within the Life Science space are maintained.

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