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Life & Life Sciences Episode 2: Paul Williamson - Realia Marketing

Representing brands that benefit life: Realia Marketing

In this episode, Stephen Gannon looks at Life Sciences from an alternative angle by chatting to Paul Williamson, MD of Realia Marketing. As an integrated marketing agency, Realia provides clients with anything from brand definition to the delivery of marketing communications across social platforms.

Realia collaborates with brands that work towards improving patient outcome. Paul explains the difficulties in extracting relevant information from R&D teams within science-based industries, which they go on to market and share with stakeholders. He finds that these lab-based individuals aren’t used to describing their talents in detail. Realia’s competitive advantage comes from their ability to access the innovations and thought processes attributed to the businesses they market.

While the agency has experienced both emotional and rational challenges since the outbreak of the pandemic, many drug delivery companies now need to push their digital message more than ever. Paul recognises the embrace of digitization as the key to future success within Life Science organisations.

Paul offers a sentiment of wisdom for those attempting to enter the Life Sciences marketing space; think about things in a different way and always make sure that the client is better understood by stakeholders. This insightful chat provides clarity on the complex marketing processes involved in the Life Sciences industry.

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