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Investing In Talent With Kelly & CoachPro

​We all know the world of work is changing, we have seen so many articles published on the subject. So why are policy makers and government struggling to keep up? One thing I really hope comes out of the COVID 19 crisis is a realisation from government, policy makers and employers is the reliance we have on a flexible agile workforce. Frankly without the temps, the freelancers, the part time workers and those engaging in the gig economy the country would be in trouble right now.

We are a country embracing the different ways to engage great talent to solve our workforce challenges. However, we are sadly falling behind in ensuring that people have access to training throughout their working lives.

Recently there have been significant changes in the skills and training agenda, including the introduction of the apprenticeship scheme. Yet, a few years since its implementation, reform is needed to make the policy work properly for employers and employees in this changing job landscape.

One area of improvement to the apprenticeship levy that would make a positive contribution to the economy is making it work for those not on permanent contracts. There are currently limited training possibilities for workers on more flexible and temporary contracts. Many employers don’t offer access to training due to the concern it will deem flexible workers as employees. With over 1 million people on non-permanent contracts in the UK, are we failing not only those people who are in this position but the wider business community.

I am passionate about the fact that Kelly champions those that want to or have to work outside the so-called normal parameters for work. Kelly will continue to push Government and policy makers to be more agile in how they approach the way we legislate around this. Both APSCo and the REC, through the Good Work program, are championing this but I fear we are still some way off before we see institutional change.

While we wait to see significant change from policy makers, I have looked to see how at Kelly we can support those that work through our organisation and those that choose or to work via non-permanent contracts. Working with a good friend and my business coach, Stephen Gribben, we have come up with an idea that we hope will benefit those who look to develop themselves. Using Stephen’s CoachPro platform, we are launching Kelly CoachPro to support people as they work to reach their full career potential and aspirations.

Launched in 2019, CoachPro is a comprehensive coaching system for individuals and organisations providing integrated coaching models, assessments & coaching Sessions. It allows users to identify and prioritise the areas that are of highest value and interest to them tailoring the learning they need to be personal to them.

We believe that whilst this is only a small step in the wider challenge it’s a step in the right direction and hope that many other organisations follow suit in providing learning and development for their essential non-permeant workforce.

Given the challenges that many people are facing right now we have agreed with Stephen to offer Kelly CoachPro to anyone who would benefit from it regardless of their work pattern or if they are working with or for Kelly. Right now, we need to ensure people have access to great tools to keep their brain active, help focus on life after COVID 19 and help those who have lost their jobs bounce back as quickly as possible.​