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Kelly Gender Pay Statistics 2019 - 2020

Our people are at the centre of our success, so we strive to create an inclusive environment with equal opportunities for both men & women. Below you will find our Gender Pay statistics for 2018/19 and our commentary behind these figures.


Our upper quartile shows a fairly equal split between men & women. We are proud that our leadership teams in both Staffing & OCG are balanced. We hope that their presence will help inspire others throughout their careers at Kelly.

Pay Gap

We acknowledge that our gap has increased this year which remains in favour of women. It is important to note that this data includes temporary workers who are on assignment with our clients. When we look at permanent employees only, our median gap is significantly less. Therefore, these figures reveal a strong female presence in the industries that we work in.

As alluded to in prior years, we have colleagues who have been with Kelly for a long time. Upon further review, we did notice that more women were promoted during 2018/19 however, we have 50+ more females within the permanent population.

Bonus Gap

Despite the proportion of women earning bonus being higher than men, our mean bonus gap has increased by 5.5% an our median bonus has increased by 9.6% on the previous year. Similar to last year, males in commission-based roles have impacted these figures but we are pleased to see that the split between top bonus achievers is equal this year.  We hope that this gap will reduce with our continued efforts to invest in sales training, development & promoting equal opportunities for all.

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Maggie Old

Director of HR & Support Services
On behalf of Kelly