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Finding The Right Job Has Nothing To Do With Luck

The fact is that the number of job vacancies is at its highest since 2001. It is estimated that there are 2.9 open vacancies per employee jobs across the UK.

We say that finding a job has nothing to do with luck as it takes skill to find the right place to work. Rather it is potential employers who should consider themselves
lucky to have found you.

Decide What You Want

Finding the right job is not about luck, it’s more about setting goals, deciding what you want and then going for it. In an article from, they contest that setting career goals can be supported by breaking the process down to more manageable chunks.

1. Start With Self-Assessment.

2. Brainstorm Career Options.

3. Research Your Top Career Choices.

4. Try Job Shadowing to Get an Insider Perspective.

5. Consider an Internship or Volunteering.

6. Start the Decision Making Process.

Ready? Then Go For It!

1. Write the right CV

There may have been over 100 CV’s and cover letters submitted for a role, so remember there are particular aspects of your CV that made you suitable for a role.

2. Prep for your interview

There are even steps you could take around your interviews to make sure you land that role. A number of employers have reported to have hired someone who not only
knows the company they have an interview for, but also written a thank you letter to show keenness for a job.

Make friends and influence people

Finally, networking is essential when on a job hunt. Platforms such as LinkedIn has many influencers and employers, it wouldn’t hurt to follow the company you’d want to
work for, right? Showing engagement with a company is also showing keenness to work.

Why would a company choose someone who shows no engagement or enthusiasm for a job compared to someone who shows this plus more when deciding who to hire?

So, finding a job does not mean you have to be lucky, you just have to be pro-active. One of the easier ways to be pro-active is with Kelly. We have many jobs to go around and will find you the right job. So why not start now? Create an account and create job alerts.

You have the talent, we have the jobs to match it!