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Gender Pay Gap Findings 2018 - 2019

​At Kelly, we are committed to ensuring that we have fair and inclusive processes and practices to make sure everyone who works for us or with us has equal opportunities. In this report, you will see our Gender Pay statistics for 2017-18 and some context behind the figures.

Gender Pay Gap Findings

For the second year in a row, we have figures which indicate women earn more than men. As reported in April 2018, we do have several women with a high tenure which contributes to this as they have developed and progressed in their career at Kelly, taking on senior positions. This is supported by the upper quartile, where the female distribution is 52.5%.

This gap has increased this year and we believe the industries in which we operate in have played a contributing factor in this. This is attributed in part to a growing female presence in senior roles within Life Sciences.

Bonus Gap Findings

We were advised that some bonus payments to temporary workers were in fact additional pay for holiday or overtime. Therefore, we amended and re-published our 2018 report for the financial year 2016-2017. We are happy that the payments did not change the percentages of pay in our previous report.

We have also looked at these closely this year to ensure that we report accurate figures. As a recruitment agency, bonuses paid are predominately commission or sales related. Therefore, we see fluctuations in our bonus gap year to year as market conditions and seasonal requirements impact our operations.

In this snapshot, we see that of the top 20 bonus achievers, 14 of these were male. It is noted however that some of these have been with Kelly for some time and therefore would have built their desk & clientele.

We are confident that we have some strong female performers on board and with the right support, they can even out this difference. Furthermore, we continue to invest in learning and development as we strive to create a high performing workforce of both men and women.

Regarding the difference in males & females earning a bonus, we do have a high population of males in temporary roles which are usually not eligible for bonus.

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