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Menopause in the Workplace

We've refreshed the menopause culture at work.
Now, it's your turn to press play on the conversation.

We linked up with Henpicked to become menopause friendly. The interactive webinar we had earlier this year, encouraged us all to come face-to-face with an issue that most of us have never given a second thought to. Now, we want to help your HR teams and managers gain insight into the policies and initiatives necessary to make menopause inclusive in the workplace.

​Here are our takeaways from the webinar on what your organisation can do to help:

  • Senior members of staff should undergo menopause training to increase awareness of the potential effects of menopause on women within the workplace. They should provide recommendations, and know when to act if necessary.

  • Appoint a menopause champion within your organisation! These employees should also be aware of the laws relating to menopause and should be viewed as beacons of support for menopausal women to approach in times of need.

  • Working environment conditions may need to be adjusted where appropriate, ensuring correct ventilation is available. This may include providing desktop fans or altering workstation locations to be nearer an open window.

  • Start-times should be considered and may need to become flexible for those experiencing sleepless nights. With insomnia striking women throughout menopause, later start times could allow greater focus and less brain fog.

To find out more about how to recategorise menopause, read our blog here.

8 out of 10 menopausal women are at work.

Retaining your staff within an ageing population is essential. Becoming a more menopause-friendly organisation will benefit the long-term success of your business.

We support diverse workforces and we think you could do the same! Recruit for a better world with the help of Kelly.

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