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Menopause in the Workplace

Let's change the culture around menopause at work.
Press play on the menopause conversation.

We're helping HR professionals and managers gain insight into the policies and initiatives you should create to make menopause inclusive in the workplace.

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Whether first hand or through the relationships formed in our lives, Menopause is sure to affect most of us at some point in time. So, our aim is to encourage all employers to join us in becoming a menopause-friendly employer. Why? because...

  • It's important for employers and employees to be aware of how menopause may affect members of their team.

  • It enables organisations to develop positive social responsibility initiatives around menopause.

  • Being a menopause-friendly organisation equips you with the knowledge needed to educate others.

​We recently received some training on the topic and it's safe to say it proved some of our pre-conceived notions wrong. To find out more about how we learnt to recategorise menopause, read our blog here.

Don’t let talent slip through your fingers.

8 out of 10 menopausal women are at work. Retaining your staff within an ageing population is essential. Learning about how to become a menopause-friendly organisation will benefit the long-term success of your business.

Press play on the menopause-at-work conversation.

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