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35 minutes 25 seconds

Amazingly the answer is 35 minutes 25 seconds or 44% of the allotted 80 minutes game

(2011, RWC).

Like us, as spectators you will probably be surprised by how little playing time is actually used.

And, this might leave you wondering what happens to the other 56% of the time when the ball is not in play.

Well, this 56% of the game is spent restarting play, meaning the majority of the time, players are in a line-out or a scrum losing valuable game time. You wouldn't think it right?

The stat is a little dated now and Rugby has moved on but the overall point is still a pertinent one. Losing out on valuable time could mean you losing out in different areas of your business. That's why we've created a way to help people make smart decisions when it comes to their recruitment process. As it's amazing how when we uncover key bits of information on our perceptions can change how time is being spent.

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