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Work-Life Design - the new balance

Work Life Design

Highly talented individuals are demanding more from their job and working environment than ever before.


Based on Kelly’s global workforce survey of more than 164,000 people from 28 countries, this report collects insights from workers in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, it identifies a shift in workforce expectations and attitudes that is pressuring organizations to reimagine how they acquire and manage talent – an approach we call “Work-Life Design.” A growing movement within the workforce, Work-Life Design redefines the concept of work-life balance. It does more than pay lip-service to flexible working hours. It recognizes that workers have ever-evolving needs, interests, and aspirations. They also crave actualization in and out of work and want to “design” the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. Employers are keenly aware that skilled candidates for positions are in short supply. The competition to secure top talent is often intense. Building a dynamic workplace around the principles of Work-Life Design has the potential to empower individuals, and unlock exciting new advantages for organizations.

Work-life design Infographic

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