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Whether you enjoy them or not, business meetings are a part of any manager’s job. Yet according to CBS News, surveys by consulting firms reveal that on average, professionals spend 31 hours each month in meetings that are unproductive while at the same time, almost three quarters of surveyed professionals do unrelated work during meetings.These numbers show that meetings, which are intended to yie ... Read More
Leading Transformation from HR IMAGE
The present moment in global business and commerce is marked by proliferating invention coupled with the innate human desire to connect.Technology has burrowed into every aspect of personal communication and professional performance. Workers and customers have more mobility and fewer temporal and geographic barriers. Professional expression has more social qualities that bring workers together ... Read More
Reconstructing Leadership Image
Leadership: Business people never grow weary of chasing it or proclaiming it. Even though the basic elements of leadership remain constant, we always grapple with how to be leaders among our competitors. Commerce, unlike leadership basics, evolves constantly. For example, major market evolutions always seem to happen on or around the turn of a new century. The twenty-first century version has bee ... Read More
Into the Jaws of the Snake Image
It has dominated our greatest business and political minds for the best part of four years. The mainstream media have detailed every blip and dip on the financial radar as results and forecasts have swung from dire to upbeat, and then back again. Just when we think we’ve stepped back from the cliff and overcome the slide in confidence, a new wave of uncertainty descends. So, it’s no wonder small ... Read More
Working Socially Image
Working Socially
18 Jan 2013
Two worlds have collided: the personal and the professional. The widespread use of social media by the general public is on a permanent trajectory, and it has overflowed into the workplace. The emerging generation of workers—Generation Y—has grown up with browsers and portable technology accessible day and night. From Internet forums and blogs to social networks of every stripe, the latest wave o ... Read More
Good leaders
This third instalment of the 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index examines the issue of leadership in the contemporary workplace from the employee perspective. It explores the way that workers think about the quality, direction, and style of leadership, and the degree to which they share the goals of those who head their organisations. The paper examines the leadership issue across industry sectors, ... Read More